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Vol. 10
Winter 2013
(recent news and events)
February 2009
Who is AEP?

The Association of Emergency Physicians (AEP) represents All Emergency Physicians from across the United States and internationally who are interested in continually improving the quality of emergency care for their patients, with a special emphasis on rural and underserved communities.

AEP realizes that there are many myths promoted by those who espouse that only EM-residency trained and ABEM or AOBEM certified physicians should be working in emergency departments, and AEP works to dispel these myths. Among our goals, we are dedicated to eliminating the discrimination and unfairness that plagues our specialty. AEP realizes that there are many excellent emergency physicians practicing high quality emergency medicine who have been excluded from ABEM, AOBEM, and ACEP. The Association of Emergency Physicians (AEP) exists to represent these physicians

AEP encourages all emergency physicians to excel in provision of quality, up-to-date/"state-of the art", compassionate care, as well as in professional and personal development. AEP recognizes the achievements of its members, including education, training, board-certification, appointments, and other. However, we do not believe that these achievements necessarily indicate or equate to a quality practicing EP, and believe that these accomplishments need to be recognized from an honest, appropriate perspective.

AEP encourages active involvement of its members and believes that together we can make a positive difference.

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