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Dr. Carlos Camargo Lecture
Publish Date : 11-1-2008   Author : Ellyn Meshel, MD

To all AEP Members:


Dr. Carlos Camargo gave an enlightening lecture during the AAFP Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care conference in Jacksonville, FL and presented the same data later at the ACEP Scientific Assembly in Chicago at the end of October. Dr. Camargo teaches at the Massachusetts General Hospital ER and Harvard Medical School and has been extensively published. His interest is in public health and he presented an objective, independent study on the emergency medicine workforce issue. His study confirms that there are not enough emergency residency trained physicians to cover all of the nation's emergency departments now or possibly ever. The data strengthens the belief that there is an ongoing need for non-emergency residency trained physicians to help staff emergency departments for the foreseeable future. I suggest that our members play with the workforce calculator to see how the different computations do not lead to the stated goal of covering all emergency departments for a minimum of 40 years or possibly never attained.


See details from the abstract on PubMed and a workforce calculator that illustrates this data in an interactive manner at the links below:


This data reinforces the need for the continued support of the Association of Emergency Physicians (AEP) that represents all front line emergency and urgent care physicians regardless of training or certification.  


Thank you—

Ellyn Meshel MD

AEP Chairman


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