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Report On AEP Political Activities In Florida
Publish Date : 5-16-2009   Author : James Meade MD

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Report on AEP Political Activities in Florida

The Florida Legislature passes Major Issues for which AEP Board Officers and Board Members lobbied.


Mars, PA, May 6, 2009:  


AEP President Jim Hayes MD, AEP Chairman Ellyn Meshel MD, and AEP Board Member Jim Meade MD attended EM Days in Tallahassee, Florida in March 2009. They met with 16 Florida Legislators. Finally, their lobbying efforts have ‘born fruit.’ 


According to the President’s Weekly Report yesterday, the major items for which the Board Members lobbied have passed and await the Florida Governor’s signature.


The Assignment of Benefits legislation passed both houses by large margins and should not have any problems being enacted to law.


The second major item was the Electronic Prescription Drug Database. This item passed the Florida Senate unanimously. This will, hopefully, stem the tide of prescription narcotics abuse.


There were no bills presented to limit the practice of emergency medicine, as was the case in previous years.


Thank you to all who attended the Florida EM Days and participated in these important efforts.



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